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Micro-Enterprise Finance (MEF)

Micro-Enterprise Finance (MEF)

The prime objective of the Micro-Enterprise Program isto help and support micro-projects to improve their business, to expand in the market and to establish a successful position in the industry. MEF extends financing to such micro-projects in various sectors, which fulfill the eligibility criteria of the Bank.Under this program, financial support is available for working capital to expand the business and for purchasing fixed assets, which will be used to improve and increase the production.

Under the program, extensive support and resources are also made available to provide the client the following services if necessary:

  • Formulate a proper strategy for the clients business if necessary.
  • Help to create a business and marketing plan if required.
  • Monitor the business performance on monthly basis to evaluate the performance of the business.
  • Ensure that the business is maintaining a proper accounting report.
  • Ensure proper utilization of the finance amount.

The terms of financing under MEF are:

  • Duration: from 6 months to 36 months
  • Financing limit: from BD3000 to BD7000
  • Terms of repayments: Monthly basis

Required Document

  • Application form
  • Salaryslip, if any.
  • CR Copy.
  • Quotations, if any
  • Electricity bill.
  • Power of Attorney, if any
  • Shop rent contract
  • Business plan, if any
  • LMRA Certificate.
  • Statement of income and expenses.
  • 6 months bank statement.
  • Two IDs( CPR and passport ).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age group from 21 years to 65 years
  • Bahraini national
  • Holding a CR
  • Physically and mentally able to run a business

Non-GovernmentalOrganizations (NGOs)

Social organizations play a vital role in the development of the Bahraini society. This is due to their direct involvement in the local society and its awareness of the living standards of the individuals within the society. However and despite this, theseorganizations are challenged by the limited available financial resources. This prevents the organizations from performing their in the development of the society role in a smooth way.

To overcome this shortcoming, Family Bank supports the needy NGOs with financing on a case-by-case basis.
Program Objectives:

  • Support the organizations through adopting small projects.
  • Encourage the targeted individuals to benefit from the Bank’s services directly and indirectly.
  • Provide financing to the social organizations to enable them to finance the small projects of their clients.
  • Offer financing to the individuals to finance their small projects.
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