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Non- Financial Services Overview

Many Micro Finance Institutions focus solely on providing financial services, others often labeled ‘credit-plus’ just like Family Bank who do provide additional services such as training and counseling to borrowers as well because they believe that needy people face more than just financial constraints. The addition of training components has been justified as a means of guaranteeing effective use of credit and improvements in productivity and income for entrepreneurs, as well as being necessary to overcome a variety of non-financial barriers that they may encounter.


Therefore, Family Bank are concerned with encouraging entrepreneurs to diversify into new business opportunities.


As Family Bank, we embark on a journey together with our clients to see that they don’t only access finance, but they access knowledge and expertise needed to propel them to higher heights in their business endeavors.


The Non-Financial Services program is the backbone in supporting Family Bank customers through a vital window of opportunities for local & international marketing, training, counseling, workshops, exhibitions and projects or any other customized service the will boost the business of an individual in the Micro & SME sectors.


To empower clients by improving their entrepreneurial and technical skills through courses and programs.


To empower clients businesses by providing counseling and advisory services in-house and also by external experts.

Customized Projects

Tailoring projects which aim to enhance business opportunities & develop individual’s living standards by proposing projects to organizations that support business startups.


To increase the sales of customers’ products by facilitating advertising services and providing access to selling outlets.