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Entrepreneurship closes declare winners

Concluded a week social entrepreneurship in 2013 its activities yesterday to announce the names of the winners in the contest sponsored by the Bahrain Development Bank and in collaboration with the Family Bank, and won on building the first position on a draft e – Learning and second place Dr. Fadil project car the service of social situations.

The chief executive of the Bank of the family Dr.. Atef Shabrawi The Family Bank assesses this morning in the presence of Minister of Social Development Dr. Fatima Al Balushi Bank Chairman family strategy session to develop a comprehensive study on the culture of social entrepreneurship include the most important social and economic issues with the participation of a group of experts and consultants in the field of social work.

The progress Shabrawi sincere thanks and gratitude to all who contributed to the success of this event , which was held for the second year in a row under the auspices of Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, with the participation of the Ministry of social development of strategic partners, the Ministry of labor, economic development board, Bahrain development Bank, and the body to enable the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Bahrain, and Bahrain University College of Bahrain Polytechnic and 3 BL & Associates, a group Jandal to organize events and club social media, and location of the young Times – mail.

annexation week , a number of events, workshops and lectures specialized in social entrepreneurship under the supervision of experts from the German Foundation for «Grameen creativity», as well as discuss a number of relevant pioneered social work , such as the economic environment and entrepreneurship issues issues social, were reviewed German experience in social entrepreneurship and models and different experiences , such as the Bahraini experiment family Bank as the first specialized social bank in the financing of social projects and some of the other experiences in the Gulf states with the participation of Chief Executive Officer of Bank of the family Atef Shabrawi, assistant at the University of Bahrain , the maitre d. Beautiful clamshell, executive director of the group Jandal Salah Boushahri, Walid Hisham of the Bahrain Center for Ricky, Hanan two wings of the institution shops Claus White, general manager of the direction of the training of Saudi Arabia have Shabib, and Emirates General Manager Abdul Latif Jameel Microfinance, Khaled al – Ghazzawi, in addition to Fiona from the Republic of to Aatefia.