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Family Bank assesses concert nationally on the occasion of National Day

Hosted a Family Bank concert nationally within the celebrations of the Kingdom ‘s National Day and Eid sitting Majesty Remember God protect him an expression of the feelings of love and loyalty to the wise leadership and in the main building of the Bank area of Juffair in the presence of CEO Dr. Atef Shabrawi Board of Directors and a member of Dr. Khalid Ateeq , and all the family bank staff. In this appropriate Shabrawi said in his speech , “We in the family bank renew Mbaiatna and loyalty to the wise leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain and we congratulate all the people loyal to these national and long – living King Remember God protect him and we are in the family Bank are working hard to consolidate solidarity and cooperation among the components of society , the values ​​of patriotism and service and celebration National represents an opportunity to express national pride and love of driving and upholding the values ​​of the development of this country and submitted that the bank is trying to translate that in his letter , to help low – income citizens and pray to God the Almighty to protect this country from every evil under the leadership of his Majesty the King and the wisdom of the Prime Minister and the outlook for future Heir Apparent and that lasts to this good people all the best, happiness and stress that we are in the family bank are working with all the effort and dedication in order to complete the process of growth and progress with the reform project of His Majesty the King and work entrench social props for individuals and families with limited income, and support for the middle class and entrepreneurship and empowerment of needy groups reliance on their capabilities and develop their standard of living through self – employment. ” at the end of the ceremony Oarabh Shabrawi my sincere congratulations on the occasion of the National Day of His Majesty the King and the Prime Minister and the Crown Prince, as well as to Dr. Fatima Al Balushi, Minister of social development chairman of the board of Directors and all members of the board of Directors and staff the bank. it is worth mentioning that the family bank was established at the initiative of the Ministry of social development, in partnership between: the Royal Charity organization, BBK, Ithmaar Bank and AUB, and Kuwait finance House, and in accordance with the framework of cooperation with the Grameen Foundation, the Bank received a license Central Bank of Bahrain and opened in January 2010 as the first specialized social bank in microfinance operates in accordance with Islamic law, where the bank gave its services to more than 1,800 beneficiaries since its inception and have benefited from its services non – financial hundreds through participation in exhibitions and workshops.