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Family Bank is studying and developing a number of new ideas, a leader in social work

The Family Bank is currently studying and developing a number of ideas , a leader in social work new that could be the nucleus of the successful companies in the areas needed by the Bahraini market, especially in the field of tourism and promotion of products heritage and through the implementation of a number of development projects across the Bank ‘s program ” factory thousands of Carr.”

In this regard stated Ms. Marwa Al Jaber responsible plant project ideas ” We are currently studying a number of new ideas to support Bahraini youth ambition in the founding and development of the development of their projects which will enhance the role of the family bank in the national economy and social entrepreneurship in Bahrain in many areas through micro – compliant microfinance with Islamic law , which will contribute to the creation of many new jobs through plant project ideas launched by the family Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of social development . ”

Al Jaber said ” important ideas factory is in four areas: the generation of new ideas, and facilitate training in fields related to these ideas, and to strengthen the partnership in terms of communication between the specialized professional networks, and facilitate the entry of individuals to the free labor market with new ideas , which allows them to successful opportunities constitute the batch in start a business of their project , so I call on all young people and owners of creative ideas to take advantage of this service by sending their thoughts on email [email protected] “.

It is worth mentioning that the family bank was established at the initiative of the Ministry of Social Development, in partnership between: the Royal Charity Organization, BBK, Ithmaar Bank and Ahli United Bank, Kuwait Finance House, and in accordance with the framework of cooperation with the Grameen Foundation, the Bank received a license from the Bank Central Bank of Bahrain and opened in January 2010 as the first specialized social bank in microfinance operates in accordance with Islamic law.