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Family Bank is Studying its Improvement for Funding Process and Consultation


During the meeting with v2v Associates Company delegates; Family Bank researched about the services and programs they provide and the main role which the Bank plays in order to increase the income of individuals and Bahraini families through supporting them financially,  and create freelance job opportunities.

The CEO & Board Member of the Family Bank Dr. Khalid Abdullah Ateeq mentioned that the delegates visit was to learn about the Bank’s atmosphere at work and the multi services it provides such as; small enterprises which work upon the Islamic laws; where the Bank works with the authorization of The Central Bank of Bahrain. This visit will open new perspectives and strengthen relations in the field of exchanging work experience and joint effort in order to develop the business foundation in Bahrain. In addition to grow associations with small enterprises which work upon Islamic law.

Mr. John Morris; the executive manager of v2v associates, expressed his admiration for the programs which were developed by the Bank and the suitability of its financial and non-financial services that help individuals to enter the market and improve themselves; that will help to revive the economic status in Kingdom of Bahrain. Besides that, he was fond of the Bank’s notion and its involvement in enhancing the situation of people from limited income and the country’s economy.