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Family Bank organize a series of workshops on social entrepreneurship

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, Deputy Prime Minister and events within the Entrepreneurship Week social business in 2013 was held yesterday a series of workshops on social entrepreneurship manages a group of experts in the field of social work from the German Foundation “Grameen creativity” in University Building Bahrain.

On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of Bank of the family, Dr. Atef Shabrawi “events within a week social entrepreneurship 2013 Family Bank organized a series of workshops about social work concepts in the context of the development of entrepreneurship and activities of an economic dimension and provide examples of best practices in the social and economic action concepts the experiences of this growing sector in the world and identify the best experiences and opportunities in this sector. ”

Dr. Shabrawi “The Family Bank is looking forward to creating and promoting awareness of social issues and how to develop economic solutions that help alleviate the difficult economic conditions, supporting stability for members of the Bahraini society, and that week Raadh Social Business in 2013 was part of an initiative by the bank, dubbed” ideas factory ” which aims to search for new ideas fit to be the nucleus of small projects and medium-successful enrich the Bahraini economy and achieve growth and success, which allows the bank in cooperation with individuals, NGOs and private institutions in their implementation, and added that the concept of social business has emerged for the first time by Professor Muhammad Yunus, an award-winning Nobel Prize in 2006 and founder of Grameen Bank and the Foundation Yunus Centre of the United Nations to create a world without poverty through social work culture and the future of capitalism, and the construction of social work on a new form of capitalism that serve the urgent humanitarian needs, took care of many institutions in which Professor Yunus contribute to the promotion and dissemination social Business. ”

And offers Shabrawi of thanks to strategic partners in this event are: the Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Labour, Economic Development Board, Bahrain Development Bank, and the body to enable the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bahrain, and Bahrain University College of Bahrain Polytechnic and 3BL & Associates, a group Jandal to organize the events, club social media, The site youth Times-mail.

It is worth mentioning that the family bank was established at the initiative of the Ministry of Social Development, in partnership between: the Royal Charity Organization, BBK, Ithmaar Bank and Ahli United Bank, Kuwait Finance House, and in accordance with the framework of cooperation with the Grameen Foundation, the Bank received a license from the Bank Central Bank of Bahrain and opened in January 2010 as the first specialized social bank in microfinance operates in accordance with Islamic law, where the bank gave its services to more than one thousand seven hundred beneficiaries since its inception and have benefited from its services non-financial hundreds through participation in exhibitions and workshops.