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Family Bank participated in Tamkeen Event of “Kun Muntijan”

Family Bank participated in Tamkeen’s second edition of “Kun Muntijan” and this event one of the initiative comes as part of a series of interactive events, which aim to help micro-enterprises become more aware of the support and solutions available to them.

During the event, a number of representatives of the Family Bank educating them about the ways in financing solutions that can contribute to the bank in order to develop their business.

The Family Bank as the first bank specializing in the financing of acts of micro, where banking business is based on the provisions of the Islamic Sharia, which represents a model of the economy’s social through a partnership between the public and private sectors, as well as model social projects that improve the income of the citizen and upgrading its level, through the provision of financial and non-financial services in a manner consistent with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.