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Family Bank Welcomes Kuwaiti Zakat House Delegates


The CEO and the Board Member of the Family Bank; Dr. Khalid Abdullah Ateeq welcomed Kuwaiti Zakat House Delegates at Family Bank headquarters in order for them to learn about the experience and the Bank’s programmes and services in Micro-enterprises .

Throughout the visit, the delegates were; Mr. Nassir AlHamidi AlAnzi, Mr. Jassim Mohammed AlShaikh, Mr. Abdullah Jassim AlYaseen, Ms. Hadeel Khalid AlMazeed, Ms. Muna Khalifa AlSharida, Mr. Mohammed AlObaidli and the lawyer Mr. Fawazan AlSinan who were received a detailed explenation from the CEO Dr. Khalid Abdulla Ateeq and the other managers at the Bank. The lecture was about what the Bank can provide such as; financial support to people and families of limited income through services and enterprise programs that are applicable to the Islamic laws. As well as the role Family Bank plays in increasing the humble Bahraini Families’ income who are incapable of improving their lives and use their energy to start their own small successful businesses  focusing on those who have talents and the determination but do not have enough money, experience or skills to start their journey.

Kuwaiti Zakat House delegates, expressed their interest in the programs the Bank developed that its financial and non-financial services help the individuals to get into the market to improve themselves which can support the economic situation in Bahrain. In addition, the delegates liked the Bank’s program because of its ability to enhance the situation of the families with limited income as well as the country’s economy.

What is important to mention is Family Bank was created on the initiative of Ministry of Labour and Social Developments that is cooperated between: Royal Charity Organization, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, Ithmar Bank, Ahli United Bank and Kuwait Finance House. Family Bank got its license from Central Bank of Bahrain and established in January 2010 as the first social bank specialized in small enterprises which works upon the Islamic laws.