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In the presence of Minister Al Balushi … Family Bank honors veterans and talented – staff

The presence of HE Dr. Fatima Mohammed Al Balushi, Minister of Social Development Bank Chairman family and HE Dr. Atef Shabrawi CEO of Bank of the family and the managers and employees of the Bank established a Family Bank honored a number of veteran employees who have spent three years in the bank’s service since the beginning of the launch of its business in 2010 under the auspices of Semitic Thermo King of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, who contributed to the capital a number of financial and development institutions, including the Ministry of social development and Charity property and Kuwait Finance House and Ahli United Bank and Ithmaar Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, in cooperation with the Bangladesh Bank Grameen.

On this occasion, HE Dr. Fatima Al Balushi, Minister of Social Development confirmed that this ceremony is to establish a tradition of gratitude for all that be made to paper this social Banking Corporation which is the first of its kind in the region and the Arab world, a touch of fulfillment and appreciation of both continue its work in order to continue in the tender and creativity, especially since the passage of three years from the launch of the bank’s business translates another step of steps painted by His Majesty the King for the betterment of the country and its people with all its categories and through the implementation of vision 2030 on the ground of national economic and strategic paid to more of an effort in the continuity of the Bank’s work to serve the people and families with limited income and communicate with owners of creative ideas in the world of free work to achieve their dreams and aspirations and also come in implementation of the initiatives of this strategy is to facilitate the business and the development of entrepreneurship and the development of micro-enterprises in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the success of the march of the family bank did not hope to achieve without the efforts made by all the bank employees and dedication to work to serve the nation and the good citizen and thanked Balushi financial and development institutions that have contributed to the bank’s capital in the establishment phase and enabled him to become a bank socially unique.

CEO Dr. Atef Shabrawi expressed thanks and appreciation to all the honored veteran staff and distinguished for their outstanding efforts in the translation of the objectives of the bank on the ground and for their dedication in the past three years in order to upgrade and move both incoming towards achieving more success and especially to the family bank is looking forward to the future with great confidence under the wise leadership led by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, may God protect him king of the Kingdom of Bahrain for further development and prosperity to continue the march of tender at the end of his speech thanked Shabrawi HE Dr. Fatima Al Balushi chairman of the board of Directors and all the board members that they are keen Permanent in the development of policies the bank and work to expand the course in the development of individuals, families and small enterprises to meet different needs in the social context that serve to raise their standard of living and develop their abilities for the better After the ceremony, the Chairman of the board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer honored veterans staff and outstanding and some of the bank’s customers the best and so in order to encourage them towards progress in their projects outstanding management and motivate them to do their best to achieve greater success.

The Family Bank was founded at the initiative of the Ministry of Social Development, in partnership between: the Royal Charity Organization, BBK, Ithmaar Bank and Ahli United Bank, Kuwait Finance House, and in accordance with the framework of cooperation with the Grameen Foundation, and implements its programs in cooperation with Tamkeen has earned the bank a license from the Central Bank of Bahrain and opened in January 2010 as the first specialized social bank in microfinance operates in accordance with Islamic law, where the bank gave its services to more than a thousand Khmsaih beneficiary since its inception and have benefited from its services non-financial hundreds through participation in exhibitions and workshops.