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New projects in four areas to encourage entrepreneurs

He confirmed the CEO of Bank of the family d. Atef Shabrawi need to focus on the social dimension in the economic activities of companies and entrepreneurs, thus alleviating the negative consequences for the economy of the capitalist society , such as unemployment and poverty, and called on companies and businessmen to focus on sustainable social economy.
He revealed Shabrawi in an interview for «economic days» on the sidelines Concludes week social entrepreneurship 2013 last Thursday that a study by the family Bank in collaboration with specialized Bahraini company showed that the priority in the field of social entrepreneurship in Bahrain has four areas : education, health , social cohesion and poverty and youth empowerment.
he Shabrawi that the Bank of the family is now working to encourage young entrepreneurs to launch projects that address the previous four pressing issues at the same time a possible solution quickly.

CEO explained that social entrepreneurship similar to the traditional business to lead added to the social dimension of the project, he said , «possible for someone launching a conventional computer program, but if you took into account the possibility of using this program by the blind have to project a social dimension », adding« social entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship with a social dimension, which is both an economic project his return but he seeks to address a social issue , such as unemployment and poverty »
according Shabrawi the social or humanized economy , the economy has become an approach for many countries of the civilized world , where established British Prime Minister David Cameron ‘s office in the Council of Ministers of social economy, while French President Francois Hollande was appointed Minister of State for the social economy, as US President Barack Obama established a working mission revitalization of the social dimension of the team.

He Shabrawi to be the Bahrain ‘s long history of social or charitable work based on a donation companies, entrepreneurs and business families to build hospitals and cultural centers and public facilities and so on , but he said that these donations taken on the character of charitable work or the so – called corporate social responsibility was not amorphous, integrated and sustainable.

he spoke Shabrawi what Pat called economic security, said «no social cohesion and development depends on the economy significantly, and we pay the young and businessmen to reconsider the launch of the institutions make a profit , but targeting the community in a sustainable service».

the events Entrepreneurship week social business in 2013 which was held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa , Deputy Prime Minister concluded yesterday after continued throughout the 3 days and included a number of workshops and lectures specialized in social entrepreneurship under the supervision of experts from the German Foundation for «Grameen creativity», as well as discuss a number of relevant leading the social Business issues such as economic issues of environment and social entrepreneurship, and the review of German experience in social entrepreneurship and models and different experiences , such as the Bahraini family Bank experience as the first specialized social bank in the financing of social projects and some of the other experiences in the Gulf states.