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Productive Families

Post the family bank in Her Royal Highness Princess Award alloy girl Ibrahim Al Khalifa for Productive Families

Under the patronage of the wife of the King of the country’s head of Supreme Council for Women, Her Royal Highness Princess Sabika girl Ibrahim Al Khalifa took place on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 the distribution of Her Highness award ceremony to encourage productive families and organized by the Ministry of Social Development this year at the level of the Arab countries and in the fairgrounds.

Some of the productive families have participated in this exhibition after receiving the required support from the family bank and encourage them to turn them from families of low-income families to lead productive economic role in society and improve Dechlhaalmada and availability of competing regional products.

The exhibition was keen to offer that is new and unique in the field of domestic production and the development potential and the development of methods and new opportunities to promote their products.

And it included products to participate in this year’s award new ideas and advanced indicating a strong rivalry between the families, so that it is improving the standard of living for their effective participation in the national economy of the Kingdom of Bahrain.